Secret Hacks & DIY Advice during my LIVE EVENT on YouTube!

My first LIVE EVENT went really well with a few challenges along the way.

Demille fumbled the camera a couple times, Tank Mordock is stepping up the pressure to shut us down, and Helen was so jealous she even took a break from her nap to chastise me.

But I am determined to keep sharing my Secret Hacks with the world!

This Live Event features Secret Dishwasher hacks and how to fix a dishwasher that's not cleaning right, as well as simple car repair tips. If your car's ac fan or heater fan switch aren't working right, you'll want to be sure to join us.

One viewer even grilled me for info on my personal relationship with Helen!

Plus, I discuss my amazing menagerie of pets.

#DIY #MustangFan #dishwasher #howtofixadishwasher

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