Solving the Pachinko Puzzle!

A big Merv salute to this guy for his stamina in solving the PACHINKO PUZZLE

which literally gave his hands a beating!

People don't realize how heavy these things are. Heavy to hold. And "heavy" to solve. This Pachinko puzzle weighs between 5 and 10 pounds and it is a beautifully crafted work of art in every way. It is also impervious to a ball-peen hammer (don't ask me how I know that.)

MY OBSERVATION: Is the slit on the side of a Pachinko puzzle oriented for a specific reason? Or is it there to confuse you? Watch one of my heroes, Chris, give you a tour of this Pachinko and incredible lessons in SOLVING THE IMPOSSIBLE PACHINKO PUZZLE. ​​

#pachinkopuzzle #solvingthepachinkopuzzle #TheImpossiblePachinkoPuzzle #gagets #gizmos #puzzles #puzzlesolutions

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