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Steps to help with teenage insurance rates in 2020

So first, the golden question: Why are car insurance rates so high for teenage drivers? For one thing, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that teenagers are involved in three times as many fatal crashes as other drivers on the road. That means increased risk for an insurance company and sky high rates for mom & dad. Below are the main reasons teenagers have a bad rep and how to keep your rates under control while you work through those tough years.



General Lack of Skill

Distracted Driving

Driving at Night

Taking Unnecessary Risks

While these reasons may seem obvious, what's not always apparent is how you as the adult can take action to make sure that their rates don't go any higher. Because all it would take is one accident to put their rates through the roof.

Remember, much of their inexperience can be compensated for by strict, common sense parenting, so even though you might have to survive a couple years of expensive car insurance, at least you can help them create a safe record of driving that will slowly bring those rates down.

3 Ways to Keep Rates in Check

The Importance of Boundaries and Enforcing Them

Make sure you put a specific limit on the number of passengers your son or daughter is allowed to transport in their car. Limit the number of passengers your teen is allowed to have in their vehicle and let them know how important it is to not be a distraction while they are the passenger in someone else's car. There's nothing worse than inexperienced drivers riding with inexperienced drivers.

Night Driving Limits

Night time driving should be severely limited. Importantly, your teenager should not be allowed to have any passengers in the vehicle at all while driving at night.

Lead by Example

This may sound obvious, but the best way to guide your teenage driver in their path to becoming responsible is to lead by example. When they are riding with you, always follow traffic laws and point out risky driving that you notice in other drivers on the road. Make every car trip an opportunity for teaching and discussion. Without a doubt, the biggest influence in determining how your teenage driver will perform while on the road is you.

So teach and coach your teenager along the way and they will eventually enjoy insurance rates that get lower & lower as their reputation for being safe develops over the years.

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