How to Get Rid of Armadillo Under House. Is Trapping Best?

The Truth about trapping armadillos under house

When sweet Margie next door was convinced she had an Armadillo under the house, I knew I had to rush to the rescue. So I thought I’d share my easy steps to get the situation under control and help Margie sleep better at night. As I share my experience, keep in mind how to CATCH an Armadillo and how to GET RID of an Armadillo are two separate things.

With that in mind, be sure to check your state and local regulations regarding the trapping and relocating of these creatures. Some states may allow it, while others may not.

My Armadillo investigation found three important clues:

Signs of foraging in the yard.

An obvious pathway a critter could follow behind a hedgerow against the house.

A gaping hole, leading under the foundation right at the end of the hedge row.

the truth about armadillos

It made sense to me that the Armadillo probably ran behind the hedge row until it dug a nice hole in the moist soil by the water softener. But here’s the thing that made Margie feel better -- chances are, it wasn’t living there. No way.

You see, Armadillos usually live in the woods or underbrush, but they love to go out at night looking for grubs and worms to eat. Armadillos especially like to dig under foundations, not just yours, or Margie’s, but under houses all throughout any given neighborhood.

See, the holes they dig are their way of creating a cool refrigerator to raid for a snack in the middle of the night. The Armadillo follows its scent from one house to the next, eating worms and grubs in the untreated topsoil under your foundations, then when it’s had its fill, it goes back home! Simple as that. So COULD an armadillo be living in there? Maybe. But it’s more likely this hole was just an Armadillo drive thru.

So here’s my do it yourself solution to solve the Armadillo problem at Margie’s. Keep in mind everything I’m about to show you will only cost about $40. Which is a steal compared to a typical armadillo trapping & removal fee of $300! You can see more details, complete with product links in our Armadillo video.

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