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Next time you think you're having a bad day, I hope you'll think about this World War II trench lighter and all it represents. Imagine yourself spending the night in a foxhole, on the verge of freezing to death, your fingers so numb that you can barely move them. But thankfully you've got this lighter to toast them back to warmth.

This style of lighter with the helmet shaped wind guard is often referred to as a trench lighter by collectors. Some say the name is a misnomer because historical documents show that these were not patented until after World War One, and therefore did not see use in the trenches. An Austrian company, IMCO, actually stopped producing this style of lighter in early 1930's, though many were still in existence and due to their over abundance were circulated to troops.

By the 1940's they were still in use and although "trench warfare" is typically associated with World War ONE, there were still plenty GI's taking cover in dugout holes during World War II. On a cold night, an artifact like this could be your best friend.

Think about that next time you're belly-achin' that life is hard because your internet is on the fritz.

Zippo lighters and a variety of different "trench lighters" can be found in countless places these days. Here are some useful links if you're interested:


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