The "Air 2". Beyond hi-tech Paper Dolls!

This wonder machine is called the CRICUT. That is pronounced "CRICKET". Don't ask me why they do this to the English language. But, wow, you wanna talk about useful? They have come out with a new improved version and they ​​can't keep them in stock because they cut even faster than the previous version which we have.

Of course, you can use it to make greeting cards, and various cut outs from paper, cardstock, etc. But what caught my eye was the fact that this baby cuts through vellum, vinyl and even thick leather.

As a result, I've already got a fancy design in mind for a new toolbelt holster and I've been begging Helen to make it for me, but she is backlogged with requests from family and friends.

Here's the kicker ... you can even create your designs on a tablet or smartphone. (as well as a computer

I can't say enough about it. Keeps Helen occupied for hours at a time!

#Cricut #Air2 #cuttingmachin #artscrafts #Diy

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