LIONS - Strength, Courage & Power

You see lion doorknockers in many movies and if you really look around you'll also notice them on public buildings and institutions such as libraries, banks and courthouses. But what is their significance and when did this infatuation with lions in architecture first begin?

Lion of Strength Courage and Power

Well, the lion is widely known as a Godly symbol of strength, courage, and power. And lions have been used in architecture for centuries. If you go back as far as 1400 BC, you'll see that lion statues guarded the gates of the Hittites and around 1260 BC, the Lion Gate at Mycenae came into existence.

So my guess is Lion doorknockers serve the same symbolic purpose. To bless a building or house and to stand guard as a protector of those who reside within. Lion jewelry which has come into prominence in the past year for some reason also symbolizes the same thing. But based on what I've seen it doesn't so much mean that the person wearing it needs protection. Moreover, it's an outward expression of strength and confidence that person has in themself. Impressive!

Of interest, is that you can find a lion doorknocker on the UK Prime Minister's house and the homes of many world leaders, thus emphasizing the point that a certain status, prestige and power is once again associated with this most regal king of all animals.

If lions have a particular meaning or symbolism for you, let me know. Your ideas are always welcome!


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